Aule Browsers


Each Aule Browser is built to use the Curl Runtime Engine.

Here you can enter an Aule Page or try a visit to Evernote.

Or try an Aule Browser for Wikipedia

Aule Browsers can also be set in locked-down mode for compliance with the rules of your business.

Custom browsers can be configured with even more restricted internet access such as no copy-and-paste and with progressive loss of features for non-compliance with guidelines.

Each Aule Browser is just your browser's Trident, WebKit, Mozilla or Gecko engine wrapped in the Curl programming language and running on the Curl RTE (Curl Runtime Engine). The browser is built on a mature, secure runtime using familiar components. A browser configured to meet your needs sometimes can be ready in a matter of minutes.

For other Curl examples and demos, click here ; Curl as light-weight philosophy text markup ; Curl as literary markup ; Curl for Kanji study and review (Henshall, Heisig, Tuttle, Kanjidic2, JMDict, Edict2, jōyō, JLPT ); Curl for security passphrase mnemonics.

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